Andras Varga


Andras Varga NEWI have a background in political science, international studies and law. I am based in Budapest, Hungary but have lived and studied in Pisa, Italy. My main interests are European democracy, political culture in the EU and civic education.

Why I joined FutureLab Europe? Because I considered it to be an incredible opportunity to meet open-minded, well-qualified people who are as devoted as I am to the project ‘Europe’! FutureLab is a perfect international and European network which proves that although we’re different but we can easily cooperate and live together.

Why do I think that Europe needs active citizens? Because a critical and active citizenship is the pre-requirement of a real, functioning democracy. When the electorate is interested in the real issues and not populist lies, representative democracy grants us with a high degree of efficiency. Although representative democracy is not the perfect solution, it is the best available option, so it has to work as well as possible.

Twitter account: @andras_varg

Andras joined FutureLab Europe in 2015. Since then, he has been involved in the following activities: