Enja Sæthren


Enja Sæthren NEWI have a background in international relations, specialising in political science. I am based in Paris where I’m doing a Master in International Public Management, with a focus on human rights and the Middle East. I just returned from Nepal after two years of work for the UN World Food Programme, managing their refugee programme. Previously I have worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. My main interest is forced migration and the protection of asylum seekers and refugees in the European framework, in particular to what extent the Dublin System protects the human rights of asylum seekers on European soil.

Why I joined FutureLab Europe? Because I see the programme as a way to address a fragmented European continent, providing a unique opportunity to discuss pressing issues with representatives from various European countries and to interact with decision makers at the European level.

Why do I think that Europe needs active citizens? I believe Europe needs active citizens because no democracy is legitimate without strong participation from its citizens. This goes both ways; if the elected are unable to act on the demands of the people, citizens will lose the incentive to take an active part in shaping their society. However, if this would indeed be the case, it is even less likely that we will see our dreams for society reflected in government policies.

Enja, joined FutureLab Europe in 2012. Since then, she has been involved in the following activities:


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