Lourenço Jardim de Oliveira


lourenc3a7o-gardim-de-oliveiraI have a background in political sciences and social entrepreneurship. I am based in Lisbon but have lived, studied and worked in France, Brasil and Argentina. My main interests are civic participation, innovation in democracy and public governance.

Why I joined FutureLab Europe? I believe that FutureLab Europe has the potential to inspire young people to work together in implementing impactful projects across Europe and to promote and strengthen our ability to attract decision-makers to this process.

Why do I think that Europe needs active citizens?  I believe Europe needs active citizens to achieve a full and renewed democracy and to re-establish a link of trust and respect with decision-makers. It is the key to promoting transparency, accountability and co‑responsibility. It is also important to combat populism and radicalism and to foster social justice and equality.


Lourenço joined FutureLab Europe in 2018. Since then, he has been involved in the following activities: