Stephan Kool

(Netherlands / Germany)

Stephan Kool (Netherlands / Germany)I have a background in ICT, management and political science. I am currently based in the Netherlands but have completed my high school in France and Germany, and studied abroad in Chile. My main areas of interest are the crossroads between European politics crossover and information technology, such as e-citizenship, transparency and accountability by design, cyber warfare and IT diplomacy and many more.

Why I joined FutureLab Europe? I joined FutureLab Europe because it offers the chance to address and spread ideas on topics that sometimes remain under-addressed in day-to-day European politics.

Why do I think that Europe needs active citizens? Active citizenship is important because we need to care in order to improve.

Stephan joined FutureLab Europe in 2012. Since then, he has been involved in the following activities: