Theodora Matziropoulou


Theodora Matziropoulou (Greece)

I have a background in Balkan, Slavic and Oriental studies, in museology and cultural management. I am based in Thessaloniki but have lived, studied and worked in Brighton and Belgrade. My main interests lie in cultural citizenship, denial and representation of memory and performative silence-breaking cultural actions.

Why I joined FutureLab Europe? I joined FutureLab Europe because as a young European I felt that I had to bring a folding chair at a table to which I was not given a seat. FutureLab Europe gives the younger generation a voice and serves as an incubator of diverse intellectual capital gathered in a group seeking a better Europe.

Why do I think that Europe needs active citizens? Active citizenship means caring, sharing, questioning, debating, advocating, talking out loud, participating, changing. It is all about performing your right to have rights.

Theodora joined FutureLab Europe in 2012. Since then, she has been involved in the following activities: