If You Had Only One Sentence

Posted on 08. May 2012

by Christoph Janosch Delcker

janosch-delcker2What do you believe in? If you had only one sentence to answer to this question, what would it be?

Not an easy thing to say, right? Nevertheless, my producer and I decided to set this very task to 30 young participants from 9 different countries at a one-day video session during the workshop “Do You Speak European”, organized by magazine Europe & Me. The task was easy to explain, yet hard to fulfill: We asked the participants to point out one aspect they believed in, within one sentence. In a causal clause, starting with “because,” they could add one reason.

It goes without saying that the answer to the question “What Do You Believe In?” is never exclusive; someone who believes in one thing, can, naturally, believe in many other things at the same time. This video, thus, was intended to point out priorities. My producer and I were keen on seeing what the participants would come up with; i.e. which aspect they would find most important. The video is not representative. Instead, it portrays a personal approach to a very personal question. I was very impressed by the answers the participants came up with. They ought to stand for themselves. Find the video here.