Europe in post-Western world?

Posted on 23. November 2012

by Daniele Mallamaci

daniele-mallamaci-modifiedOne of the major global challenges that Europe has to face is the rising of new, non-Western powers. In the more and more rapidly evolving and chaotic context of the international relations, taking action as Europe and Europeans is possible only if there is a shared and convinced agreement on what interest should be defended and what objective have to be reached. Successively, on the base of the decided interests and objectives, it will be possible to define a strategy and realize it, essentially combining both the Members and EU foreign policies.

Such a strategy might firstly consider that in the current redistribution of the world richness and influence, for Europe maintaining the present status of strict ally of a declining and aggressive power is objectively implying two main, direct consequences for European citizens: the pauperisation of their living conditions and the deterioration of their future perspectives.

Guaranteeing them a satisfactory quality of health care service, education system, social measures, cultural offer and transport infrastructures will be possible exclusively by commonly and immediately opting for a radical re-orientation of the EU bloc towards those economies that are becoming the new economic centres of production and consumptions, as well as towards those countries that are more and more protagonist of the making decision process, especially concerning the political and military matters.

Given that China has emerged as the most important and strategic new, non-Western power, beginning to increase the quota of financial, cultural and human exchanges with this unavoidable interlocutor should be the priority for any European government operating within the national borders and for the EU institutions acting at the continental level.

In particular, Europeans have to understand that a scenario in which their way of life will be not worse than the present one means beginning to build now a more and more effective synergy with the Chinese people, for example learning their language, studying their history and understanding the reasons of their positions in the global arena.

Doing that, the traditionally strong relation with the United States of America has to be neither put in doubt or abandoned, but simply renegotiated in order to make the Old continent able to acquire the status of  “natural bridge” between two area of the worlds that are today competing between them, not competing with Europe.

Adopting today such a broad and inclusive philosophy of thinking, in 2037 Europeans might effectively finally win the apparent zero-zero games of the West-East confrontation, a phenomenon that in any case will more and more intensively shape and definitively transform the lives of all human beings and nations.