FutureLab Europe Newsletter

The European Policy Centre issued a special newsletter in December 2012 with an overview of recent FutureLab activities and giving further information about the participants’ efforts to help shape the future direction of Europe.

In introductory comments Hans Martens, EPC CEO writes: “Many people are worried about the European project these days – and with good reason. It is not so much about tackling the institutional challenges, but more about dissatisfaction among the EU population about the lack of progress on what matters most: that is to be able to earn a decent living, which, of course, first means having a job.

A group of large foundations in Europe have done a magnificent job to create what is known as FutureLab, which involves bringing together a group of young people to discuss their visions of the Europe in which we live, now and in future decades. Not only do these dedicated and committed young people gather for a week in Brussels, hosted by the EPC, but they also work on disseminating their message across Europe via personal contacts, events and social media. They do not present a glorified view of what the European project is about. They disseminate a realistic view, which also means puncturing a lot of the negative anecdotes that circulate.

Of course, being with so many young and excellent people from all over Europe provides us at the EPC with a valuable insight into what the real issues are, seen not from the Brussels village but from the real world.”