Islam on the EU soil

Posted on 12. March 2013

by Lidija Pejcinovic

lidija-pejcinovicWhat could be said about any religion that proclaims: „To those who act good, the good will be returned, and they would have even more than that.” This statement speaks for itself. How could be described the religion which has the quoted statement as one of the basic postulates? I wonder if this quotation sounds familiar to the European readers. While you, dear readers, think that this is probably some Christian script, or even Bible quotation, here I would just like to remind on the fact that good, peace, love, kindness – are all postulates on which the religions are usually based, and Islam is not an exception. The quoted part was taken from Ku’ran 10/26.

Before you continue with reading, you should bear in mind that aside from the theoretical side, Islam tries to teach a believer to apply the learning throughout his everyday life. If one is a true Muslim believer, than he is ought to do good, since the pure theoretical and metaphysical belief could not affect the necessary changes in society. Therefore, Islam is a proactive religion which has the abundant social dimension incorporated in its structure.

In order to help a person to feel like a man/ woman, Islam does not deprive its believers from the enjoyment, which could be tasted and sensed in this material world, as long as this is done rationally, without endangering others, or while others are not threatened by the fact that somebody else enjoys. Under the Islamic belief each thing on the Earth is given to a man by the almighty God, and with the God’s bless and gracefulness. Does any of the “variations” of Christianity proclaims anything alike, or it calls for the revocations of corporal enjoyments and all other kinds of the earth enjoyments?

In the lines above there is no intention to judge nor to decide which of those solutions is better, but rather to take a look at practical side of the problem. If one looks as a neutral spectator it would seem that no matter to which religion the most of the EU citizens belong, they live led by this very Islamic rule. Most of the people in the EU, as elsewhere in the world, are trying to live in abundance in every sense, even though their religions proclaim reservation from the unnecessary emotions, things and enjoyments. Is then the fact that those “believers” condemn Islam actually pure hypocrisy, or is it just the fear of the unknown?

There is an old proverb which says – What you resist persists! Maybe more understanding and less resistance would be good alternative way in order to have peaceful and happy shared-start and in order to have the “and they lived happily ever after end”.

Therefore, having in mind all the above said, can we really claim that the Islam is less European? Or do we claim that the Christianity is more European since the Christians are natives on the territory of the founding countries, and since the Christians were the very founding fathers? Or do we claim this since the most of the EU believers are baptized? Could anyone who claims to be better than anybody else preserve the right to declare himself as a believer of any monotheistic religion?

The genuine Islam is tolerant and even in the 7th century it respected the rights of the believers that were proclaiming other monotheistic religions – Judaism and Christianity, or so called religions of the “people of the book“ and did not torture their followers. The tolerance shown by the Islam for the different ethnicities and religions was extraordinary for the time in which appeared, in comparison with other monotheistic religions.

What could represent the unknown and the unacceptable part for the EU civilization could be the Sharia law. This integral part of the religion represents the legal codex, which was not updated from the time in which it was made. But, when one starts to criticize it, he should bear in mind that those rules are perfectly applicable for the period when they appeared – 7th century of new era. The Sharia law should be respected from the historical point of view as a very old written Codex. Anyhow, Sharia law should not represent the danger nor the obstacle for the integration of the Islamic believers in the EU since, when one is placed on the EU territory, the believer, as any other citizen, is obliged to respect the EU laws and other laws which are in force on the territory where one is placed. For example, even though it exists as a part of Ko’ran, the Sharia in Turkey is not applied on the State level, since Turkey is a secular state. And, as we are all probably familiar with the fact, during the accession process, even if the Turkish laws are not in compliance with the existing EU laws, the harmonization and the approximation would take place.

As I see, the crucial problem for coexistence derives from non-understanding, or from the lack of will to understand. So, when one thing is repeated and interpreted many times, the very substance of it is inevitably changed. Slowly, but surely, through the years, the extreme interpretation of the Islamic concept was, as it seems, the one and only which knocked on the door of western civilization, and since it knocked very loudly, it was not very welcomed, since the hosts were deeply frightened from its sounds.

The human psychology plays also a considerable role at this spot, since the caution is in a human nature. If terrorized by any fact a human usually disregards all positive aspects of the event. Regarding the complexity of the topic this text is not enough to enlighten even the key aspects of the religion, but the bloger would be more than pleased if this text would help in the prejudice-crashing process and if this text could help in any way that the readers who are followers of other religions, who were not interested in this topic till now, after this, read any historical, or pure theological study about the Islam. Why not to try to get to know it closer? What one can lose if he/she is more comprehensive than usually? Can more understanding do us any harm, or the information is power, as it claims the modern society? Why do we deny informing us on this topic?

At the end, please, do whatever you like, but be aware, and remember– What you resist persist!