08. July 2013

While German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin discussed job guarantees, financial aid and mobility with the EU council representatives, young Europeans would like to join in and be heard on a topic that concerns them more than anyone else. Six FutureLab Europe participants explained for Handelsblatt Online – a German economic newspaper – the crucial issues that need to be addressed now.

handelsblattHow do young Europeans perceive themselves in the current crisis? What does the term youth unemployment come down to in their lives? Theodora Matziropoulou (25, Greece), Estefanía Almenta López (29, Spain), Noora Lampinen (25, Finland), Zuzana Novaková (27, Slovakia), Marian Cramers (28, Belgium) und Lotta Schneidemesser (25, Germany) take a critical stand on the planned short-term measures by the EU to counter the high rates of youth unemployment. For Handelsblatt online they explained where they see the real problems, what they mean to them personally and which solutions they deem viable.

Read the texts from the series:

  • Since we are in the European Year of Citizens should restoration of trust be prioritized? by Theodora Matziropoulou (25, Greece) – in English, in German;
  • To move or not to move – is that the question? by Estefanía Almenta López (29, Spain) – in English, in German;
  • Higher education for a career in unemployment? by Noora Lofstrom (25, Finland) – in English, in German;
  • EU and youth unemployment measures: band-aid on a skin of a patient whose actual disease is internal?  by Zuzana Novaková (27, Slovakia) – in English, in German;
  • Internships and short-term positions forever? Marian Cramers (28, Belgium) – in English, in German;
  • We Are Not A Problem – But Your Future by Lotta Schneidemesser (25, Germany) – in English, in German.