Plan Balkans: Europolitan!

Essay and Photo Competition

The team behind this project:

Irma Zulic
Adnan Rahimic
Danijela Bozovic
Jovana Rakic

Do young people in the Balkans feel part of Europe? With the project Plan Balkans: Europolitan, FutureLabbers Irma Zulic, Adnan Rahimic,Danijela Bozovic and Jovana Rakic wanted to was to foster a reflection among young people on the role of youth as an actor in the process of EU integration in the Western Balkans.

The project featured a quantitative survey, a qualitative insight through a regional essay and photo competition asking for submissions reflecting on the question Why can people from the Balkan countries already be considered to be citizens of Europe? and a panel debate in Sarajevo organized within the framework of the Sarajevo International Summer School.

The project’s target audience were students and young people, aged 18-30, as they are going to be those who get to decide about the future of Europe. The target countries were Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The main goal of the project was to raise young people’s awareness about the importance of their active engagement in the construction of the society they want. Young people should participate in the public debate and voice their opinions about their country’s European future. The project facilitated an enriched and broader understanding among citizens of what accession actually entails, thereby contributing to the ‘Europeanization’ of public policy discussions and the creation of a broad coalition in support of EU membership.As a final result, the project aimed to enhance interest among young people in taking an active role in establishing the future path of European society and citizenship.

Official partners of the project were International Summer School in Sarajevo and the Europe & Me magazine

More in detail, the project consisted out of three main activities:

1. A call for essays and photos on the basis of the following input: Why are the people from Balkan countries already citizens of Europe?

The two winning authors of essays and photos competition were rewarded with a fully covered participation in the International Summer School in Sarajevo. More information about the Summer School can be found here. The winning essays and photos were published in a publication and disseminated during the final event in Sarajevo. The publication is available here.

2. An online survey on perception, views, personal experiences and impact that European Union has among young people on Western Balkans.

The results were published in a publication and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders in the region. The publication is available here.

3. A panel discussion, held in Sarajevo in July, 2013.

A report and video from the event are available here.