02. December 2013

At the 3rd Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on November 26, high-ranking politicians, government officials, experts as well as journalists met to examine central issues facing German and European policymakers. Joining the debates and presenting the voice of the young European generation were FutureLab Europe participants Andréa Chabant Sánchez (France and Spain), Max Eklund (Finland), James Kilcourse (Ireland), Doris Manu and Doru Thoma (both from Romania).

Dominating questions in Berlin were: Where is the European Union heading to and what role can Europe play in international politics? What geopolitical implications will the upheavals in the Middle East have? How will we meet the security policy challenges in Asia? And will the US and Europe have to close ranks? As the forum took place on the day after the Ukrainian decision not to sign the treaty of association with the European Union, talks and discussions also focused on questions of the EU’s Eastern neighborhood policy and the EU-Russia relations.

The panel discussions and a background talk with Polish historian Dr. Marek Cichocki, Research Director at Natolin European Centre, Warsaw, have contributed to the FutureLab preparations for the debate on Eastern neighborhood. This Europe@debate will take place in Helsinki in early December.