All by myself… Don’t wanna be (part 2)

Posted on 18. December 2013

by Adnan Rahimic

1-adnan-rahimic(In connection with previous article: All by myself?)

The online petition with over 6000 signatures, student’s call for (R)evolution+, messages from respected politicians, professors, speakers from all sides, speeches over TV, radio, web … have led to the new developments in the recent non-participation in Erasmus+: Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate in the program. All sides officially granted their acceptance to the programme and students, youth and staff members will not be isolated from their colleagues in the region and the rest of Europe.

Of course, our involvement will be partial in the beginning, but even this is better than being not part of it. This is a sole victory of students from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this decision is confirmed only thanks to their activity and fight against the close-minded people.

Seems like the world (at least Bosnia and Herzegovina) will stay in good hands, after all.