Don´t confuse me with my country: I am just Polish

Posted on 14. February 2014

by Slawomir Parus

Slavomir ParusI do not want to move to Western Europe countries and steal jobs of their citizens: I am a well-educated person working in a quite competitive and innovative economy. I have got my own well-paid and ambitious occupation here in Poland. I have nothing to do with the infamous “polnische Wirtschaft” – which is a strong expression, describing mismanagement.  It is still used by people from older generations, clients of my law firm have been confronted with it when doing businesses in Germany.

I do not live in a gloomy and unattractive city with a high crime rate and loads of stolen cars. Poznań is clean, quite colorful, with lots of young people, massive investments and a very low unemployment rate.

I am not a narrow-minded and intolerant catholic. I am open to everyone and almost everything.

I am just Polish.

I share the same values as any other European and I live in a normal European country. I do not want to repeat this sentence, almost every time when I want to rent a car or book a hotel room in Western Europe.

If you want to check my words, visit Poland and find it out by yourselves. But maybe later, because it is winter now, it is freezing cold and polar bears are still roaming the streets.

About this article:

All Spaniards are lazy, all Greeks are corrupt and Romanians work for the mafia: Everywhere in Europe stereotypes are in full bloom. For the German newspaper, six FutureLab Europe participants describe the impact of prejudices about their home country on their everyday life. This article is part a part of a series of reflections by young Europeans, prepared in cooperation between FutureLab and Süddeutsche Zeitung Online.