07. May 2014

FutureLab Europe took part in the OECD Forum 2014 on inclusive growth, quality jobs and trust, in Paris on 5-6 May. The forum aimed to exchange ideas and experiences on inclusive growth, quality jobs and trust.

It brought together all sectors of society to share policies and ideas in various plenary and parallel debates, IdeaFactories,  Discovery Lab and lunch debates. The inputs from each of these feeds into the OECD Ministerial Meeting, where government leaders and ministers discuss issues on the global agenda.

Mihails Kozlovs, participating on behalf of FutureLab, commented: “Looking at the list of speakers at OECD forum it is noticeable that except two students from Japan, there is no one else who could bring the ideas of young generation about the economic growth and sustainable development. To really foster the aims of this forum, I believe that enthusiasm, ideas and the knowledge of young generation should be taken into account. That is why OECD should invest more into the dialogue with young people. Any kind of interaction with younger generation would bring new streams for fostering the economic development.”

The live feed has been available on our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.