07. May 2014

On 8-9 May the European University Institute in Florence hosted the fourth edition of the State of the Union Conference. The Conference brought together leading academics, policy-makers, civil society representatives, business and opinion leaders to discuss the future of the social and political model for Europe and the upcoming European elections.


Four participants from all generations FutureLab Europe participated in this high level Conference on 8-9 May in Florence: Leticia Díez Sánchez, Estefanía Almenta López, Konstantina Karydi and Christopher Wratil. Following the questions raised during the Conference, they shared more reflections in their blogs.

The debate ahead of the European elections was central in the programme. In addition FutureLab Europe participants took part in the following sessions: 1) The Future of the Social and Political Model for Europe; 2) The European Social Model in Higher Education: Are the Poor Paying for the Rich Kids to Study?; 3) After Ukraine: A New Cold War or Simply Letting Some Steam Off? and 4) The WTO Deal in Bali and Shift Towards Mega-Regionals – Missed Opportunities?.

It is clear that these topics fall under the scope of the FutureLab Europe programme, which has the aim to promote the voice of the young specifically on issues related to equal opportunities, democratic participation and identity. Therefore, we were glad to take part and contribute to these discussions with progressive views on the Union’s future role in Europe.