19. May 2014

What do young people feel when they think of Europe? What would they want to change, where does the EU plays on their nerves? Handelsblatt Online and FutureLab Europe joined forces to bring up a set of young voices.

The first respondent was Kateřina Pekárek (29) from Czech Republic, living in Germany. Read her article in English: The slope to elitism harms Europe.


Noora Lofstrom (26) from Finland, living in Belgium takes a different view: It is a shame that so many abstain from the ballots.


Konstantina Karydi (30) from Greece conveys a strong story in her article: Anti-EU feelings do not surprise me.


“The EU has to grow” is the perspective added by Slawomir Parus (27) from Poland.


Closing the first week of this series, Germán Jiménez Montes (23) from Spain explains why Europe is doomed to be united.


Europe is still young and malleable, starts Dorit Fauck (23) from Germany in the latest piece within this series.


Follow the series in German on Handelsblatt Online: