Poland: Young people choose European enemies

Posted on 29. May 2014



Slavomir ParusMuch happened in Poland during the election day – Wojciech Jaruzelski, the last Polish communist dictator, passed away and two strongest parties in the Polish Parliament confirmed their supremacy in Polish politics by gaining 19 seats each in the European Parliament. However, right after the exit polls were announced almost everyone focused on the result of the anti-EU party – Nowa Prawica (New Right), which gained four seats. Its controversial and elderly leader, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, could be described as a Polish version of Nigel Farage, but even more intelligent, more radical and more anti-EU. He had been quoted saying that if his party won seats in the European parliament they would put the parliament building to better use by turning it “into a “brothel”.

It is quite disturbing that Nowa Prawica won among young people (between 19 and 25) with an outstanding results of 28,5%. There is no simple answer why the anti-Euro party scored so well among young people. They seem to be tired with politicians frequently changing their views. Korwin-Mikke, on the contrary, has not changed them since 1990.