Education and training: how to make a dual system successful?

20. June 2014

Daniel Gjokjeski, participant of FutureLab Europe and Creative Director at Katarsis Ventures, will contribute to the third meeting of the Youth Employment Task Force on Tuesday 24 June at the European Policy Centre in Brussels.

Core topic of the meeting is ‘Education and training: how to make a dual system successful?’.

Interest in work-based learning is greater than ever and recent EU initiatives, such as the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, re-emphasize that education and employment policies are two sides of the same coin. At times of unsustainable youth unemployment, Member States with a long tradition of dual education and training systems, i.e. combining theoretical learning with practical in-company experience, are in the spotlight; they enjoy a much lower level of youth unemployment than other EU countries. The devil, however, is in the detail and it is worth pondering the drivers of such a success. Is the dual approach the only factor of low youth unemployment? What is needed to facilitate young people’s transition into the labour market and what makes education and training policies a success? Are some models transferable to other countries and what can be learned from existing practices?