FutureLab Europe is researching EU integration fund for migrants

In recent years, migration has been at the heart of the political debate in the EU. Political forces are polarised between those who believe that immigration is Europe’s biggest problem and those who argue that it is an invaluable asset for the continent’s future.

Unquestionably, the successful integration of migrants into their EU host societies is of utmost importance to maximise the benefits of migration. Along EU member states’ efforts at national level, the EU has established the European Fund for the Integration of non-EU immigrants (EIF), aiming to promote more inclusive European societies and equal opportunities for all.  While several studies have analysed the use of these funds, few include the voice of the migrants, directly asking them about the strenght and flaws of the programmes that target them.

FutureLab Europe decided to investigate the practice of EU-funded programmes for the integration of young migrants by surveying them in order to hear directly their opinion and is currently preparing a publication, which will be presented to EU leaders at a Europe@debate conference in April 2015.

The study aims at drawing policy recommendations on EU integration funds by asking migrants about their experience with EU-funded programmes and bringing migrants’ feedback to the direct attention of EU policy makers. This research work is a key opportunity to put a face on migration, to listen to the opinion of young migrants on how EU programmes could be improved and to convey their message to EU leaders.

If you are a migrant who benefitted from a EU-funded programme for integration or an NGOs who received EU integration funds, we would like to hear from you! Get in touch with us writing an email to info@futurelabeurope.eu. Your help is extremely important for the success of this ambitious research project and we would be very grateful if you could fill out our survey!