16. January 2015

FutureLab Europe established a cooperation with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. With this cooperation, FutureLab Europe aims at promoting the exchange of ideas between the citizens of Europe, breaching the often compartmentalised national debates with fresh views from various parts of the continent.

Every month between January and June 2015, Süddeutsche.de published an article written by a FutureLab Europe participants. Each article is also available in English on the FutureLab Europe website:

  • Hellections? A tale of politics, fear and hope by Konstantina Karydi (EnglishGerman) – January 2015
  • Maidan – one year after by Orest Franchuk (English, German) – January 2015
  • #ProudtobeLatvian by Mihails Kozlovs (English, German) – January 2015
  • Therapy for entrepreneurs in five steps by Estefania Almenta (EnglishGerman) – February 2015
  • A shift in Scandinavia’s open societies? by Noora Löfström (EnglishGerman) – April 2015
  • Young British voters: a crucial vote, if they cast it by Mathew Shearman (English, German) – May 2015
  • We children of the war by Adnan Rahimic (English, German) – June 2015
  • Pricing the lives of individuals by Maria Alette Abdli (English, German) – July 2015