A message from Claire Dhéret, new FutureLab Europe Programme Leader

FutureLab Europe has started the New Year with some important changes. Claire Dhéret, Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC), has taken over from Linde Zuidema as Programme Leader.

It is a great pleasure for me to take over the lead of FutureLab Europe, a very inspiring programme for young people in Europe” says Claire Dhéret. “The voice of young people has always been close to my heart. As the next generation in power, it is vital, in my view, for the future of Europe, that young people are given a voice and that their opinions are taken into consideration by Europe’s leaders. The political elite often thinks that young people are either too idealist or not interested in the public good or public policies. Post-election surveys confirming the even lower participation of young people in elections, be they national or European, might lend support to this argument but the truth is not as simple as it would appear.  FutureLab Europe aims to dispel this perception. Many young people engage in public debate and in civil society in different ways from the traditional routes, as they often feel excluded from decision-making. Europe is full of bright young people who want to have a say on the future shape of their continent and who are ready to think out of the box. It is now time to open our ears and to listen to them!

Gabriele Woidelko, Programme Director at the Körber Foundation welcomes Claire on board: “Over the course of barely four years, FutureLab Europe has become a trademark for the young generation´s competent and constructive contributions to European policy making. It is our pleasure to welcome Claire Dhéret as FutureLab Europe´s new course leader, whose experiences and innovative input will support the initial idea of the funding foundations: to empower the valuable voices of Europe´s young generation.”