20. April 2015

FutureLab Europe has concluded its yearly selection process and has selected 25 bright, young Europeans aged between 20 and 30 to join its exclusive network and form the 5th generation of FutureLab Europe participants.

Young applicants obtain access to the programme after passing through a highly competitive selection that takes into account their curriculum vitae, experiences, activism and commitment to European values.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Franz Allmayer, Noelia Blas Guillén, Florim Canolli, Vanja Dumeljić, Lyuba Guerassimova, Michał Gulczyński, Helleke Heikkinen, Ivan Kendzor, Lucia Kovacova, Valentin Kreilinger, Ana Luisa Leal de Oliveira Fernandes, Sergei Metlev, Elisa Montesinos Aguilar, Linda Öhman, Hanna Pieńczykowska, Pedro Miguel Ponte e Sousa, Simona Pronckute, Jukka Riitamäki, Luis Santos, Anja Selmer, Ermelinda Shehaj, Per Soreide Senstad, Zilla van der Spek, Andras Varga and Ivo Visak as members of our network.

The 25 Participants from 18 countries (Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine) will convey to Brussels in September for the FutureLab Europe Annual Forum. In this occasion they will engage with top level EU policy makers and decide which issue to tackle in view of the FutureLab Europe Spring Conference to be held in spring 2016.

Selected FutureLab Europe participants are highly engaged citizens, committed to bringing positive change at community, national and European level through volunteering and activism. The FutureLab Europe group is a balanced mix of age, gender, nationalities, expertise and professional experiences.