05. June 2015

FutureLab Europe attended the 2015 Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The Forum took place at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, France, on 2-3 June 2015.

Every year, the OECD Annual Forum brings together leaders and influencers from several policy areas. Former and current heads of state and government, top CEOs, leaders of key NGOs and trade unions and prominent members of academia and media gather for the occasion to debate the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society. This year, the OECD Forum will be organised around five themes: Investment, Inclusive growth, Innovation, The New Climate Economy and Sustainable Development Goals.

FutureLabbers Ana Luisa Correia, Marian Cramers, Efehan Danisman and Nathalie Straker joined the Forum and participated actively in different sessions, sharing their views and formulating policy solutions on how to shape a better future.

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FutureLabber Efehan Danisman participating in the Talk Together session “PEW Survey on European Attitutes”

All FutureLabbers participated in the Forum’s interactive IdeaFactory sessions. These sessions are meant to facilitate networking with peers and exchange of ideas as well as to foster innovative approaches in highly focused conversations. During these sessions, OECD Forum participants and experts are invited to work together based on their experiences and perspectives. Ana Luisa Correia took part in the IdeaFactory – Climate, Carbon, COP21 and Beyond which discussed the importance of a joint approach to mobilise citizens, governments and businesses to reorient economies towards low carbon. Marian Cramers, Efehan Danisman and Nathalie Straker participated in the IdeaFactory – Shaping Our Future Leaders which explored the deficits in leadership that contributed to the current economic crisis and engaged participants in a discussion on the role of influential educational institutions in shaping future leaders.

FutureLabber Marian Cramers presenting the proposals of her group at the IdeaFactory Session

FutureLabber Marian Cramers presenting the proposals of her group at the IdeaFactory Session “Shaping our Future Leaders”

Furthermore, FutureLabbers met Kristina Persson, Swedish Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Strategic Development and engaged in a fruitful debate with her about young people on the Swedish labour market.

FutureLabbers wrote a policy paper which includes their considerations and policy recommendations on some of the topics addressed by the 2015 OECD Forum, such as the sharing economy, leadership, social inclusion and environment.

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From the left: FutureLabbers Efehan Danisman, Ana Luisa Correia, Nathalie Straker and Marian Cramers with FutureLab Europe Programme Executive Tania Marocchi and Programme Leader Claire Dhéret.