Europe Must Act! The Refugee Crisis in the Eyes of Young People

12. October 2015

futurelab-europe_europe-must-act-the-refugee-crisis-in-the-eyes-of-young-people_2015For several years, Europe has witnessed people arriving on its shores after embarking on perilous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea. Increased media attention, the magnitude of recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean and a spike in the number of people reaching the EU’s southern borders from Europe’s conflict-ridden neighbours have culminated to give the so-called refugee crisis a pan-European dimension. The crisis is now on the political agenda of every European country.

In this compendium of articles, FutureLab Europe participants take a moment to reflect on the refugee crisis from their own perspective. Citizens of the Western Balkans, and of Southern, Northern and Eastern EU Member States look at the debate in their own countries, drawing on their personal experiences and values.

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