28. February 2017

As part of the Maltese presidency of the Council of the European Union, four Maltese journalists were sent to Brussels to capture different Europeans’ views and ideas on Europe. FutureLabbers Marsida Bandilli, Matilda Flemming, Doris Manu and Simona Pronckute offered their take on the EU’s achievements, its challenges and its future, touching upon female leadership, democratic rights, peace and development. Short video clips featuring citizens living in and passing through Brussels are displayed next to one another in an interactive ‘beehive’ – forming part of an interactive installation in the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels.

Marsida Bandilli from Albania talks about the need for a change in Europe’s atmosphere, strengthening the sense of belonging together, helping Southern countries to develop further and fostering education.

Matilda Flemming from Finland discusses the improvements in gender equality in Europe, pointing out, however, that we are only “half-way” to achieving gender equality. She asks for a generational shift in leadership and says we need people from more diverse backgrounds and with real backbone in politics.

Doris Manu from Romania shares her view that Europe must increase its investment in developing countries, especially in Africa, because this is where the biggest conflicts will emerge if nothing is done. She stresses especially the importance of empowering women to drive  the economy forward.

Simona Pronckute from Lithuania says that Europe needs to inspire and involve more of its citizens. To this end, it must spread awareness of tools such as the European Citizens Initiative, which is a legal and political tool for empowering European citizenship at the EU level.