Empowering the voice of young people and feeding into the discourse about European identity, YourThought.eu – All different and all together will contrast the academic discourse on what being European means with the views of young European citizens. An interactive online platform will lay the basis for a year-long dialogue with scholars, young citizens in five countries, a workshop in Ukraine and an essay competition on European identity.


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group 3
From left to right: Liliana, Guia, Alex, Milja

Project description

Europe has undergone major changes over the last years, from geographical enlargement to further political integration. The mainstream discourse on European identity, however, has been slow to react to these changes and at times relied on outdated assumptions. Young people and marginalised citizens are often disengaged from the public debate on European identity, reinforcing the image of Europe as an elite club and of European identity as a concept for the privileged few.

The YourThought.eu – All different and all together project recognises the importance of paying attention to voices on the periphery of Europe, both literally and figuratively. Through an essay competition, a workshop and on-line interviews to be published on a web platform, young people, minorities, immigrants and unemployed people will have the chance to reflect and share their thoughts on their European identity.

This project will challenge the ideas of what being European means by encouraging young people aged 18-35 from different corners of Europe to speak about their own experiences and ideas. Starting with a stock-take of the current academic discourse on European identity through background research and interviews with scholars, the project will critically assess these views by reaching out to the corners of Europe. Alternative, on-the-ground insights will then be brought together through an online platform, a workshop in Ukraine, personal interviews with young people aged 18-35 in Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine and an essay competition on European identity. This project will give young people in Europe the possibility to take part in the debate and make their voices heard. It will also provide experts and policymakers with a more complete picture of European identity, thereby going one step further towards an updated version of what being European means today.

Concrete activities

  • Website “Yourthought.eu”
    • Research/ interviews with researchers on European identity
    • Platform for sharing thoughts and views
  • Workshop with local citizens in Ukraine
  • Essay competition on European identity
  • Interviews with young people in Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine.

Calendar of activities

  • Website – since April 2017
  • Workshop in Ukraine – 9 September 2017
  • Essay competition – to be launched at FutureLab Autumn Conference, EPC, 22 September 2017
  • Interviews in Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine. – Nov/Dec. 2017