Bridges – Puentes – Brücken aims to build bridges amongst citizens in neighbourhoods in Berlin and Ronda by fostering their engagement and capacity to solve local issues. Local citizens will come together in two workshops in each city, and identify local problems that can be overcome by joint participation and decision-making, thus empowering them to take action in their own lives.


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From left to right: Héloise, Martin and Alba

Project description

Low numbers of voter turnout, especially among young people, are a growing threat to European democracy. Citizens’ withdrawal from elections are often accompanied by a retreat from their communities into their own private spheres. But community problems have common and local solutions. Through two separate series of workshops, the Bridges – Puentes – Brücken project aims to revive the sense of democracy on a local level by connecting the dots and empowering citizens to solve their issues locally.

The workshops will take place in two urban settings: Berlin and Ronda. The meetings will be specifically targeted at disengaged citizens to show them how they can shape their neighbourhoods through direct participation. Two workshops will take place in each city: in the first workshop, people will be asked to identify problematic issues in citizens’ neighbourhoods. In the second workshop, stakeholders and relevant facilitators will be brought in to help find adequate and effective solutions. Project members will bring in a European perspective and draw parallels, by crosschecking problems and solutions that emerged from the workshops in Berlin and Ronda. Their experiences will feed into a report written in Spanish, German and English, which will draw conclusions from the social experiment and lessons for future local co-decision-making. Further support will be provided by, a platform for online civic participation, in which project member Héloise Le Masne is involved.

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