How to skill up your future?

On Saturday, 29 April, 2017 (from 10:30 to 14:30), the first workshop of FutureLab Europe’s project Skill Up! will be held in Athens at the Impact HUB Athens.

In collaboration with The Language Project, the team of Techfugeesthe magazine Solomon and Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity, the workshop led by Violetta Tsitsiliani  aims to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship to young immigrants and asylum seekers with the ultimate objective of promoting social integration and equal employment opportunities. The workshop will bring together different stakeholders – students, experienced social entrepreneurs, immigrants and anyone willing to work on cooperative solutions – and contribute to the broader debate on equal employment opportunities in Europe.

The participants will be given the chance to:

  • Come up with an entrepreneurial idea with social impact
  • Develop and get advice on the implementation and development of their idea
  • Promote social entrepreneurship as a way to boost equal opportunities on the labor market
  • Network with local stakeholders

Structure of the Workshop

The 15-20 participants will be divided into three working groups to address the question:

How can we use our skills or interests in the following areas for impactful entrepreneurial activities in the midst of a refugee crisis?

  • Language
  • Food
  • Cooperatives (“Co-ops”)

The working languages will be Greek and/or English. At the end of the workshop, a Certificate of Attendance will be provided to participants.

The workshop in Athens will be the first of two workshops that Skill Up! is organising. This Greek edition will be complemented by a workshop taking place in Oslo, Norway in June 2017.

The workshops’ results will be presented during the FutureLab Europe Autumn Conference on 22, September 2017 in Brussels.

Do you have questions or comments on the project?

Contact Violetta at or leave us a message on the FutureLab Europe-Facebookpage!

This event is part of FutureLab Europe’s Skill Up! project.

About Skill Up!

group_5Skill Up! will organise a series of social entrepreneurship workshops to empower young, vulnerable and marginalised groups in Greece and Norway. By bringing together young asylum seekers with young professionals who have strong links to social entrepreneurship, the workshops aim to increase their chances of accessing the labour market and foster their integration into society. A video documentary of the workshops in each country will allow for transnational comparison and inform policy recommendations on how social entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for labour market integration for vulnerable groups. …read more.