What kind of future would you like to live in?

eventOn Saturday, 22 April, 2017, from 14:00 to 17:30, our project “Futures of Europe” held its first workshop in Cologne, Germany, gathering citizens at the venue “die wohngemeinschaft” to discuss how their future could look like.

A wrap-up of the workshop and pictures is avalaible on the project’s website futuresofeurope.eu!


The workshop, in collaboration with forrrestGlobal Public Policy Watch and the graphic support of florida creative lab,  invited urban citizens to imagine their city 30 years from now. In a world plagued by uncertainties, economic turmoil and rising populism, Futures of Europe wants to encourage citizens to look beyond the immediate horizon and picture a positive future within the European environment that Cologne is embedded in.


The workshop used forecasting and Design Thinking methodology, a method involving Ideation, Exploration and Prototyping to produce concrete outputs with the help of Veit Vogel, a futurist, design thinking coach and co-animator. 

After an energizer introduction, participants split into two groups and noted down, individually, their biggest current concerns about the future on post-its and clustered them. The groups then presented the findings and key issues to each other. Following this, participants were asked to create positive scenarios for a long-term time horizon, i.e. by 2047 (in 30 years time).


Based on that, participants prototyped headlines for newspapers for the year 2047. The outlined futures covered diverse topics, from the future of housing to (social-) mobility, sustainability and the social contract. The event was concluded in an open round of personal take-aways and a summary of the event by both participants and team members.

Take a glimpse at the headlines here


The workshop in Cologne was the first of two workshops that Futures of Europe is organising. This German edition will be complemented by a workshop taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 24 June.

Do you have questions or comments on the event?

Contact Simon at hi@simonhoeher.com or on Twitter @jimmiehu or leave the group a message at futuresofeurope@gmail.com!

This event is part of FutureLab Europe’s Futures of Europe project.

About Futures of Europe

group 1Futures of Europe aims to foster a European community spirit and democratic participation, by bringing together local citizens in two urban workshops in Cologne and Copenhagen to develop new visions for the future of Europe. In preparation for the project, an online platform will be set up to reach a wider audience, share the workshops’ results and enable participation on a European level through an open call for articles. …read more.