30. August 2017

On Thursday 21 September 2017, between 14.30 and 16.30, the members of FutureLab Europe will engage in a discussion with Joachim Ott, Head of Unit, Citizens’ Dialogues, DG Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission, Andrew Bradley, Director, International IDEA – EU office and Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade, Member of the French Parliament, La République En Marche on occasion of the public conference Europe@debate: Promoting European identity through active citizenship: How and what for?. The event will take place in the Auditorium of the European Policy Centre (EPC), 14-16 Rue du Trône, 1000 Brussels.

All over Europe, declining democratic participation, a stark refusal by many of party-mediated political participation, profound societal transformations and growing individualism are on the rise. These trends are affecting all levels – local, regional, national and European – and have changed the way people relate to each other. What is the impact of such trends on people’s sense of a shared European identity? How can Europeans steer the direction of their continent without a sense of sharing the same destiny? What is the role of civic activism in addressing this challenge? Can it restore a sense of connectedness among European citizens and can we reconcile local and European citizenship through active citizenship?

The young people of FutureLab Europe have taken up the challenge by designing and implementing five civic projects in 11 European countries, from Spain all the way to Ukraine, aimed at promoting active citizenship and a shared sense of European identity. At this Europe@debate, they will present and debate the results of the projects with key policymakers and decision-makers and seek to draw conclusions for future action.

Join the event, confirming your participation by replying to n.news@epc.eu

Get familiar with our projects!
Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories

group 4_2Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories empowers refugee women to tell their stories. As such, the project touches upon the topics of equal opportunities, European identity, and combatting stereotypes. The tri-national team will support female refugees in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands to share their stories in a book with texts in the original language and an English translation. Book presentations will be held in Berlin and Brussels and will feature a short theatre piece inspired by the book. …read more.

Please note that the project Letters to Europe – refugee women write will host a theatre performance and book presentation on the same evening of the event (Thursday 21 September) at 19.00. Register here to attend the theatre performance!

Futures of Europe

group 1Futures of Europe aims to foster a European community spirit and democratic participation, by bringing together local citizens in two urban workshops in Cologne and Copenhagen to develop new visions for the future of Europe. In preparation for the project, an online platform will be set up to reach a wider audience, share the workshops’ results and enable participation on a European level through an open call for articles. …read more.

Bridges – Puentes – Brücken

group 2Bridges – Puentes – Brücken aims to build bridges among citizens in neighbourhoods in Berlin and Ronda by promoting active participation and shared decision making.   Their engagement and capacity to solve local issues will be fostered in two workshops in each city.  Citizens will come together to identify local problems and solutions for overcoming them and thus empower themselves to take action in their own lives. …read more.

YourThought.eu – All different and all together

group 3By empowering the voice of young people and feeding into the discourse about European identity, YourThought.eu – All different and all together will contrast the academic discourse on what being European means with the views of young European citizens. The website www.YourThought.eu will build the basis for a year-long dialogue with scholars, young citizens in five countries, a workshop in Ukraine and an essay competition on European identity. …read more.

Skill Up!

group_5Skill Up! will organise a series of social entrepreneurship workshops to empower young, vulnerable and marginalised groups in Greece and Norway. By bringing together young asylum seekers with young professionals who have strong links to social entrepreneurship, the workshops aim to increase their chances of accessing the labour market and foster their integration into society. A video documentary of the workshops in each country will allow for transnational comparison and inform policy recommendations on how social entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for labour market integration for vulnerable groups. …read more.