FutureLab Europe is proud to welcome its seventh generation to the programme!

Alba Biosca Alonso (Spain), Alin Gabriel Gramescu (Romania), Anna Saraste (Finland), Benjamin Wilhelm (Austria), Chrysi Chrysochou (Greece), Elisabetta Vitello (Italy), Emma Thomson (UK), Giovanni Moro (Italy), Iro Kaoukaki (Greece), Kawthar Karout (Sweden), Lourenço Jardim de Oliveira (Portugal), Marija Biljan (Croatia), Miriam Mona Mülller (Germany), Nina Brkuljan (Montenegro), Samson Son (France), Tuure-Eerik Niemi (Finland), David Timis (Romania) and Yulia Gershinkova (Russia) have been selected for FutureLab Europe’s 2018 edition.

Artists, social entrepreneurs, students and young professionals, these 18 bright, young individuals come from a mix of 15 EU and non-EU European countries. On January 23-26, 2018, they will come to Brussels for the FutureLab Europe Annual Forum, a 4 days seminar which will mark their official entry into the programme as members of FutureLab Europe’s seventh generation. During our intensive 4 days-long programme, FutureLab Europe participants will take part in a number of activities. They will participate in lively discussions related to FutureLab Europe’s focal topics with top-level EU decision makers and NGO representatives. Working in clusters, they will develop projects with a lasting civic impact that they will implement on the ground, becoming direct drivers of change in shaping the Europe they want. The projects will combine their different talents, skills and perspectives and will be local in implementation and European in outlook. Members of FutureLab Europe’s Advisory Group will facilitate the workshops, bringing in their experience, fostering the network’s inter-generational spirit.

After the Annual Forum, FutureLab Europe members will go back to their homes and work together across countries to implement their active citizenship projects. In September 2018, following this implementation period, FutureLabbers will reconvene to Brussels to present the results of their projects, debating and taking stock of the results with high-level EU decision makers.