18. January 2018

It is a great pleasure for me to take over the leadership of FutureLab Europe.  Since it started in 2011, FutureLab Europe has established itself as a unique programme enabling bright young Europeans to debate with top-level policy makers and shape the future of Europe through their civic engagement.


The question of youth political participation is a crucial one in today’s Europe. More and more young people are turning away from formal politics deciding not to cast their ballots. Many prefer to shape the world around them by initiating campaigns or joining NGOs, while others choose to disengage completely. Distrust in a political class that has failed to address their needs – having produced the conditions that created the ‘lost generation’ – has turned many young people away from the traditional political parties but has not always depoliticised them. Europe’s youth are active and opinionated and are demanding their voice not just be heard, but listened to.

FutureLab Europe has created a space e for young people to debate with policy makers, meet and share ideas with fellow Europeans, create European projects that are local in implementation but European in outlook. Leading by example, FutureLab Europe participants are change agents and inspirers of actions for their peers.

As I take on the leadership of the programme, I am committed to preserving the attributes that have made it unique and enabled participants to help shape the future through their activism. I am excited to work with FutureLab Europe’s talented members and supporting foundations and I look forward to the programme continuing to develop as a platform for frank exchange, empowering young people and contributing to a more united Europe.

Tania Marocchi, Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC), has taken over from Claire Dhéret as Programme Manager of FutureLab Europe.