Letters to Europe – refugee women write

28. February 2018

The refugee crisis in Europe has raised tempers and become a subject of debate in almost every country. Over the course of the process, a stereotype has evolved, painting the ‘young, male Syrian refugee’ as the typical asylum seeker. This narrative leaves little space to talk about the often widely divergent backgrounds and identities of refugees and makes it easier to ignore refugee women, children, the elderly and their needs and role in the future of Europe.

Against this background, the Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories project has set out to draw refugee women into the public debate, making them the subjects and authors of their own stories, and not the object of somebody else’s narrative. On this basis, Konstantin Buchholz (Berlin, Germany), Yolanda Trujillo (Valencia, Spain), Albert Meijer (Groningen, Netherlands), and Tom Schmidt (Lüneburg, Germany) have joined efforts and skills and set out to collect the stories of 15 female refugees in the book ‘Letters to Europe – refugee women write’.

Terry Reintke, Member of the European Parliament, and Adriana Altaras, actress, theatre producer and writer, wrote a foreword to the book.

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This book is the result of the project Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories.  The book and the related theatre play ‘Refugee (Woman) : )’ have been presented at the following events: