26. September 2018

In the context of the FutureLab Europe 2018 Autumn Conference, the photo exhibition and panel debate “Crossing Identities: Diversity and Inclusion in Europe” took place on 24 September at Atelier 29.  It showcased the work of the project “Crossed Paths of Europe” which aims to highlight similarities and differences between migrants and local residents across Europe, by asking them to reflect about what Europe means to them and represent it through photography. Brussels is the forth stop for the exhibition, which has already been displayed in Stockholm and Edinburgh, alongside workshops encouraging reflection on European identity and inclusion facilitated by the project’s team.

The panel discussion was a unique chance to learn more about the motives and ideas behind the project, talking directly to the project’s team members, Emma Thompson and Kawthar Karout. They were joined in the panel by Katharina Bamberg, Junior Policy Analyst from the Migration and Diversity Programme at the European policy Centre (EPC), and a representative of the Belgian ASBL Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés, who took part to the project. The event culminated with the performance of the newly created choir of the Plateforme ciotyenne de soutine aux réfugiés over a light buffet.