The strength of FutureLab Europe is its participants. As a network-based project, FutureLab Europe relies on the active participation of its members and can only be as good as its participants are. The network is enriched by the experiences and advices of all generations of the programme and it is in that spirit that an Advisory Group has been set up in 2017. The Advisory Group brings together committed members of different generations of FutureLab Europe with the aim to strengthen the network, foster its inter-generational spirit, and provide a direct and structured channel of communication between the network and the programme’s management team based in Brussels. The Advisory Group supports the management team in the coordination of ongoing FutureLab Europe projects on the ground, providing guidance and mentoring to FutureLab Europe’s new generation when necessary. It takes stocks and advises on programme activities and the overall direction of the programme and, finally, it strengthens the outreach of FutureLab Europe and the impact of its activities. Members of the Advisory Group are volunteers and its composition is decided on a yearly basis. They are divided in two roles – project and communications advisers – and work in close collaboration to facilitate the implementation and strengthen the impact of project activities.

Project Advisors take active part in the FutureLab Europe Annual Forum, facilitating the brainstorming process that leads to the co-creation of active citizenship projects. During the project’s implementation phase, they provide mentorship to the current generation, attending project events and ensuring their success. Communication Advisors instead work to make sure that the project activities get as much visibility as possible, supporting the conceptualisation and implementation of each project’s communication strategy, capitalising on the FutureLab Europe community.

Advisory Group members 2018
Thomas Baumgartner EPC Darija Maric EPC Estefanía Almenta López
Thomas Guia Darija Albert Georgi
Baumgartner Bianchi  Maric Mejer Michev
Communication Project Project Project Communication
Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser
Simona Pronckute adnan-rahimic2 EPC EPC EPC
Simona Adnan  Louise Stine Violetta
 Pronckute Rahimic Roesen Abildgaard Solvoll Navarsete Tsitsiliani
Communication Project Communication Project Communication
Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser
Advisory Group members 2017
Thomas Baumgartner Leticia Díez Sánchez Mihails Kozlovs Noora Löfström Darija Maric
Thomas Leticia Mihails Noora Darija
Baumgartner Diez-Sanchez Kozlovs Löfström Maric
Coordination Project Project Communication Project
Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser
Estefanía Almenta López Zuzana Novakova Linda Öhman Simona Pronckute andras-varga-col
Georgi Zuzana Linda Simona Andras
Michev Novakova Ohman Pronckute Varga
Communication Project Project Communication Communication
Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser