FutureLab Europe is managed day-to-day by the European Policy Centre (EPC) on behalf of the Network of European Foundations (NEF).

Claire Dhéret, Programme Leader


Claire Dhéret is the Programme Leader of FutureLab Europe, responsible for its operational management and future development. Claire is also a Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre and heads its Social Europe & Well-being Programme, where she leads and oversees a number of activities related to EU employment and social policies. Her main analytical expertise cover the following policy areas: labour market policies (in particular youth employment); social investment and the social dimension of the EU; mobility of EU workers; EU regional policies; EU budget; Europe’s industry; social cohesion and well-being; and young people in Europe.

Claire has been working on various research projects, including with the EU institutions, and has been leading several Task Forces and expert groups. Claire provides comments in the media and participates in a range of public debates in and outside of Brussels (either as a speaker or moderator). Prior to joining the EPC, she was responsible for the Brussels office of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a French think tank

Tania Marocchi, Programme Executive


Tania Marocchi is the Programme Executive of FutureLab Europe, responsible for the daily management of the FutureLab Europe programme. Tania is also Policy Analyst in the European Policy Centre’s Europe in the World Programme. Her responsibilities include the analysis of a wide range of policy areas ranging from democratic participation to Russia-EU relations and European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

Prior to joining the EPC, Tania was Research Assistant at the Institute for Central Eastern and Balkan Europe in Forlì, Italy, where she focused on Russia-EU relations. She holds a MA in International and Diplomatic Affairs from the University of Bologna and is an alumna of the University of California, Berkeley, the Prague Security Studies Institute and the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. Her main interests include Russia-EU relations, the EU Eastern Partnership and aspects of the post-communist transition in Russia and Eastern Europe.