Participation in European democracies starts at the grassroots level. Yet many European citizens feel that policy-makers, both at the European and national level, are disconnected from ordinary people’s considerations, and therefore consider the EU to be an elitist project. To turn this around, FutureLab Europe encourages young Europeans in their active citizenship efforts at the local level, i.e. in their own communities. It offers the young citizens of Europe the opportunity to shape the reality around them by providing support for the implementation of their own projects.

Tied to FutureLab Europe’s focal topics, the projects of FutureLab Europe participants come in many forms. So far, they’ve included publications that included recommendations to decision-makers; blogs that reflected on current events; public conferences, where high-level stakeholders and young FutureLabbers debated issues on the European agenda; a documentary, shedding light on neglected social problems; and a photo contest that promoted reflecting on European identity.