25. February  2015

Therapy for entrepreneurs in five steps

by Estefanía Almenta Lopez

estefania-almenta-lopez-modifiedStep 1 – Making a decision

I had been unemployed for several months, when I decided it was time to create some opportunities myself. There had been many discouraging factors. There was the threat that things would become even more difficult. I had never been self-employed. Previously, I had been working in academia as a lecturer and researcher on bilingual education. I am not a risk-taker, I had to fight my fear of failure.

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18. February 2015

Lessons from the past, challenges of the future

by Doris Manu

doris-manuI was born on the banks of the Danube river close to the Romanian-Serbian border, on Romanian soil. At that time, in 1989, the Romanian borders were like the walls of a prison, guarded by heavily armed men. If you attempted to cross in any way, you would risk your life. Everyone knew that on the other side of the river, in Yugoslavia, people could travel and work without visas in almost all of Europe and well beyond, which made it a very attractive destination.

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13. February 2015

Should there be limits to freedom of speech?

by Darija Maric

When we saw it on the news, we were all shocked. Twelve people losing their lives because they wrote or drew something someone did not like? Or did not find respectful? What is this world turning into? What is Europe turning into? What caused this? Could we prevent it from happening again?

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09. February 2015

The illusion of the EU’s commitment to LGBT rights

by Nitin Sood

nitin-soodFinland is the latest example of an EU-member state where LGBT rights (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) have advanced. Euphoria conquered the hearts of the Finnish people on 28 November 2014 when the parliament voted in favour of citizens’ initiative Tahdon2013 (I do 2013) that pushed for legalisation to allow same-sex marriage. The story of the campaign, which was launched on March 2013, exhibits the traits of a magical activist fairy tale: The required minimum of signatures for an initiative to be sent to Parliament is 50,000, but the campaign succeeded in collecting over 90 000 signatures by the evening of the first day and within six months, 166 851 citizens had signed it. In essence, Tahdon2013 mobilised a nation-wide, one of a kind popular movement in support of people whose love was still criminalised a few decades ago.

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29.  January 2015

In the middle of Charlie

by Anna Kristense Naterstad Berg Harpviken

anna-harpvikenMy immediate reaction to the articles and blogs that were posted after the attack on Charlie Hebdo was mixed. Almost everyone had an opinion, and it also seemed that it was possible to pick at something in everything that was written. Authors were called too narrow-minded or too broad-minded, overly tolerant or racist, even extremist. In a way, this scared me. I was surprised how easy one can come off as one thing or the other. How easy it is to write someone off. Also, I was fascinated about how heated the debate got, because in some way, I felt I could relate to many of the opinions that were posted.

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