26. January 2015

A letter to Charlie

by Maël Baseilhac

Mael BaseilhacFear for the Muslims of France

Dear Charlie,

As someone currently living and working in a Muslim country, my first reaction to the latest extremist attacks on free speech in France on Wednesday 7 January was fear. Strangely enough, it wasn’t fear for my security as a Frenchman or for the French population as a whole. I was rather overwhelmed by a feeling of fear and despair for the Muslim population of France.

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26. January 2015

Hellections? A tale of politics, fear, and hope

by Konstantina Karydi

konstantina-karydiElections again. Already a phrase almost worth laughing about in some peoples’ minds. Citizens in their 30s, have already voted more times than some of our parents have in their lifetime, some will say. Yet, the laughing stops there. Elections, a very serious act indeed. And the beginning of this table-talk tale; on Greek citizens’ perceptions about Greece, politics and the EU. In Germany, and especially in the yellow press, circulate many stereotypes against Greek people. One goes like that: Greek live in order to eat – and not in order to work. This is why I present there thoughts as a table-talk tale.

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19. January 2015

Je suis Ahmed*

by Ivan Lavrentjev

ivan-lavrentjev-modifiedThe tiny country of Estonia has got a new resident. Good news for Estonia, since its birth rate is declining and thousands of people work abroad. But hardly any media coverage was positive, not to mention people’s reactions on Facebook and other social media. The reason for this is the previous residence of the 31-year-old gentleman we are talking about; Guantanamo Bay.

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09. January 2015

The day the laughter died

by Adnan Rahimic

1-adnan-rahimicSeveral days after the attack on the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001, I felt a need to contact my American friend in New York and apologise for what had happened. He was surprised by my email and wondered why I felt I needed to apologise. At that time I felt responsible because some individuals had decided to attack innocent people in the name of Islam, the same faith that I’m part of and believe in, resulting in the terrible loss of several thousands of lives. Today, I have the same urge. But not only because I feel I should defend Islam… but because I am also worried about its future in Europe.

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08. January 2015

Maidan – one year after

by guest contribution

by Orest Franchuk

Kyiv, one year after the protests: Some of the Maidan-activists have taken the seats of those, whom they have managed to expulse from Parliament. I was there, in November 2013, when the students first took to the streets. I expected and hoped that when Maidan would successfully end, President Wiktor Yanukovych would be ousted, that we would have a new President, a new Parliament and that everything would be so much better.

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