08. January 2015

‘Enlargement fatigue’ and the multiple challenges of maintaining momentum during the accession process

by Marsida Bandilli

marsida-bandilliInitially envisaged as a Member State-driven procedure, enlargement has become a comprehensive policy whereby the Union actively engages with the applicants’ preparation for membership. Despite that, it has become clear that with the arrival of the new President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, enlargement is not the Commission’s top priority. Instead, jobs and growth, the Energy Union, a balanced trade agreement with the USA, reforming the monetary union and the further integration of the Eurozone are placed at the top of the policy agenda for the next Commission.

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05. January 2015


by Mihails Kozlovs

Mihails Kozlovs NEWProud to be Latvian, proud to be European – that’s the atmosphere that is right now prevailing in the heart of Baltic countries. It seems that Latvia has done very well since it introduced the Euro a year ago. For me and the majority of people I know – the Euro has become an essential attribute of our European identity. In 2014 we felt European like never before.

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19. December 2014

TTIP, who cares?

by Laura Virué Escalera

Laura VirueSpain needs three million jobs in the short term and yet an international agreement that promises to deliver 140.000 new jobs to Spain – albeit in a distant and uncertain future – does not seem to be a strong reason for the public opinion to wake up. Neither does the impending loss of civil rights hidden under this supposed antidote to the crisis, as some critics argue.

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18. December 2014

Juncker’s investment package; the last chance for European Millennials?

by Daniel Gjokjeski

daniel-gjokjeski2Youth employment being a top priority has been a constant in the European leaders’ discourse; Europe’s future depends on the skills, creativity and energy of our young people, they all say repeatedly. Unfortunately, youth unemployment levels are at a worryingly high level, especially in the South of Europe.

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16. December 2014

G20, Y20 and Youth Unemployment

by Noora Löfström

Noora Lovstrom NEWWith 2014 almost over, the presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20) was passed to Turkey from Australia. The G20 met in mid-November in Brisbane, Australia and the outcome of the meetings and the communique was not as widely covered by the media as the premature departure of the Russian president. All eyes were on Putin; the G8 summit that was meant to be held in Sochi in June was transformed into a G7 meeting in Brussels without Russia, to protest against the Russian annexation of Crimea.

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