12. December 2014

Impressions from the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

by Ulyana Vynyarchuck

ulyana-vynyarchuck-modifiedReflections on the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

This year I have experienced Berlin in a new way. It has been absolutely priceless to witness and get emotionally involved in the ceremony dedicated to the fall of the Berlin Wall while standing in the tightly and chaotically packed but happy crowd in front of the Brandenburger Tor. There must be a special chemistry that gets produced when people come together and bring their hopes and aspirations to one physically defined place, at one specific time in order to express their active citizenship and political will. I felt the same way when I was in Kiev in 2004.

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10. December 2016

Conceptualising Foreign Policy

by Ia Melkadze

ia-melkadzeReflections on the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

The fourth Berlin Foreign Policy Forum convened 200 participants, among them high-profile politicians, diplomats, journalists, experts and young activists. The Forum’s livestreaming reached out to a wider public. The online followers of the Forum participated in this high-profile foreign policy event by posing questions on the Forum’s social media profiles.

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10. December 2014

The Ukrainian Crisis and the ‘New Cold War’ Paradigm

by Miruna Troncota

miruna-troncotaReflections on the Bucharest Forum and the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

Already one year has passed since the refusal of the former President Viktor Yanukovych to sign the EU Association Agreement at the Vilnius Summit in November 2013. Since then, all eyes are on Ukraine. As the conflict escalated, involving the use of military and the involvement of external forces to stop the increasing loss of human lives, the situation in Ukraine started to be perceived as the key geopolitical challenge of the post-Cold War order in Europe.

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08. December 2014

Tough mandate ahead for Ms Mogherini in the echoes of the “Arab spring”

by Zuzana Novakova

Zuzana Novakova NEWReflections on the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

Ms Mogherini inherits a tough mandate and troubled relations with the EU’s Southern neighbours as she takes on the role of High Representative for Foreign Affairs, three years after the beginning of the “Arab Spring”. As the events unfolded it became clear that Europe could not influence the core regional actors; Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran did not even seem to care that much about the EU as a policy-maker. Despite this shift in power relations, the EU still has a role to play…and not a secondary one.

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05. December 2014

No More Missed Opportunities

by Veronika Sobolova

veronika-sobolova-modifieedReflections on the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

During the first official visit of Ms. Mogherini to Germany, Foreign Minister Steinmeier gave her a very clear sign of support at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum when he stated: “Dear Frederica, we will be team players”. She will need his support. The number of foreign policy challenges has been growing and some participants at the Forum had a pessimistic view about the years ahead.

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