19. June 2014

Europe and the Balkans… What is your perspective?

by Doru Toma

Sarajevo is without any doubt the heart of the Balkans: cradle of religions, people and cultures, city under siege and the place where one hundred years ago the First World War started. In early June, Sarajevo hosted the European Youth Summit “100 for the Next 100 in the Danube Region” gathering 100 students and young professionals from all countries of the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.

The event* tried to stimulate debate and exchange of ideas about the future of Europe, the European Union, the Balkans in connection with the European Union and in the context of the Danube region.

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13. June 2014

Why Norway’s model is not a model

by Tonje Olsrud

Tonje OlsrudIn general, the Norwegian coverage of EU affairs leaves a lot to be desired. We are not a member of the club, but of course decisions and developments in Brussels affect us. It’s possible to say – albeit with some hyperbole – that Norway’s EU-debate tends to focus on the following: the restrictions on the curvature of cucumbers, the amount of cinnamon allowed in cinnabuns, and on how the Schengen Agreement is bringing Norwegian society to its knees.

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13. June 2014

Football World Cup under fire – what does it tell us about the humanity?

by Elias Vartio

elias-vartio-modifiedThe FIFA world cup began in Brazil. The long expected football event has to some degree been overshadowed also by the past year’s demonstrations and demands for social reform. In the last couple of months, however, the arrangements for the world Cup to be held in Qatar 2022, have been drawing an increased amount of heat. The last inch in the growing annoyance and regret was the bribing and corruption suspicions that have been raised in the international media in the last few weeks. What do all these high status sporting events and their controversies tell us about the state of humanity? The answer is rather expected, albeit all the less flattering.

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11. June 2014

Entrepreneurship in the Balkans: Why is it so damn hard?!

by Milan Balaban

milan-balaban2We are now in the age of the “New Rich”. They’re smart, capable and have more money than presidents of certain countries. Say hello to the generation of internet millionaires, celebrities and entrepreneurs who earn tons of money without ever stepping away from their laptop. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

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06. June 2014

Citizens of the world, companies of the world

by Laura Virué Escalera

Laura VirueIn the RondaForum event about education and entrepreneurship, I was involved in an informal debate reflecting on whether, despite belonging to a generation that has to deal with a difficult situation due to the financial crisis and a consequent sense of failure and neglect – a generation that has to carry the so pessimistic label of “lost” – European youth today plays with advantages due to certain aspects given by the times in which we live. The pessimistic adjectives used to describe our generation often make me think that we are at risk of losing the confidence in ourselves – a quality that in Spain was never very common indeed – and also blame the economic and social context for not venturing into our projects and ideas.

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