12. May 2014

The slope to elitism harms Europe


katerina-pekarek-2012-2014-modifiedWhat do young people feel when they think of Europe? What would they want to change, where does the EU plays on their nerves? Handelsblatt Online and FutureLab Europe joined forces to bring up a set of young voices. The respondent today is Kateřina Pekárek (29) from Czech Republic, living in Germany.

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06. May 2014

10 survival messages for (young) entrepreneur

by Lukáš Fúčela

Lukas FucelaAre you thinking about surfing on the great start-up wave but you’re not sure if you would be able to survive in the high tide? Don’t be afraid to miss the comfort of having a steady job! The advice from experienced entrepreneurs at the Ronda Forum on Education and Entrepreneurship is to start your own company already while being employed. Entrepreneurship can be achieved through supporting your entrepreneurial mindset in your regular paid job. Below are the top ten survival tips for starting entrepreneurs, based on the discussions held in Ronda:

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05. May 2014

When my country changed

by Sandra Grindgärds

sandra-grindgardsIn April 2011, when the parliamentary elections took place in Finland, something happened to my country. It was spring and I was having the time of my life as an Erasmus student in Rennes in France. However, on the election night I had told my friends I had to stay in. I had to follow the elections, something most of them could not understand. At this point I realized that being involved in politics was unusual among young Europeans. I am part of the 2 % of young people in Europe who is a member of a political party. The elections result was shocking. The Finns Party, a populist and nationalist party whose values are completely the opposite of my party’s, The Swedish People’s Party, and mine had won the élections.

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30. April 2014

Ideas advocated at the Forum on Education and Entrepreneurship

by Maël Baseilhac

Mael BaseilhacWhen approached to gather our efforts in a joint reflection on the issues encompassed in the theme of the Forum, our group quickly came to the conclusion that bridging the gap between higher education and youth entrepreneurship revealed to present the broadest turf to address the core debate of the event. Counting two practitioners in the field of European educational policies, our group adopted a result-based approach and aimed at proposing concrete and pragmatic measures to discuss publicly. These proposals are in number of six:

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30. April 2014

Turning meaningful into a business

by Kati Temonen

kati-temonen-modified“I am studying the wrong subject”, “I don’t have any idea about how to run a business”, “It’s really not my cup of tea”, “I only want a secure job, even if it doesn’t match my education” – These are just some possible answers when young people are asked whether they would like to start their own company.