19. March 2014

European democracy: Do young people need to know more about EU politics or do politicians need to be better informed about youth issues?

by Marta Remacha

marta-remacha-recio-modifiedThe official run-up to the 2014 European elections started on 10 September, when the European Parliament launched its awareness and information campaign. Six months down the line, I am wondering how successful the campaign has been, and more specifically, to what extent the campaign addresses young people. Given the role young Europeans will play in shaping Europe’s future, their engagement is crucial. Are politicians and institutions consequently trying to get young citizens involved, and to gain their vote?

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17. March 2014

The last British European?

by Mathew Shearman

mathew-shearmanMathew Shearman, 25, is political editor of Europe & Me magazine and a contributor to New Eastern Europe and Visegrad Insight. He writes on UK and German foreign policy, the EU and Eastern Europe and has appeared as a political analyst on BBC News 24. He currently works and lives in London, UK. As there currently is no British FutureLab Europe participant, we have invited Mathew Shearman to contribute the British perspective to the series of articles published at Süddeutsche online.

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14. March 2014

Why democracy needs education

by Veronika Sobolova

veronika-sobolova-modifieed10 members of FutureLab from 10 different countries were given the possibility to discuss the challenges of democracy back in our countries on the premises of Kind Baudouin Foundation in November 2013. During the lively debate we identified several problems with the functioning of democracies and we recognised that a majority of young people are generally discontented about the way government and politics are organised. Among others, we felt that political parties broadly ignore young people’s interests, which is, at the same time, a reason to stay away from democratic processes. Looking for solutions to tackle this lack of belief in the current state of democracy, we identified that education plays a fundamental role in overcoming the negative perception of young people towards politics. In particular, we feel that in the educational process there is not enough attention paid to public affairs and (European) citizenship.

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26. February 2014

Tales of everyday madness

by Theodora Matziropoulou

theodora-matziropoulou-modifiedIt is the fear in front of a white page; in this case, the fear to write about other everyday fears, which haunt us. And sometimes we don’t want to speak about. A Saturday night in Thessaloniki. In front of my apartment-building, a young man approaches me. It is obvious he is addicted person and he will ask me for money.

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24. February 2014

“No second-class EU-citizens!”

by Miruna Troncota

The debut of the year, when “good news” for Romania were publically wrapped up as  “bad news” for certain EU countries, was very puzzling for me. During the first week of 2014, there were two important events which took place one after the other and they finally triggered contradictory opinions regarding our European citizenship.

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