16. December 2013

All by myself?

by Adnan Rahimic


“Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country in the region and across the European Union states and candidate countries to refuse participation in the Erasmus+.”

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05. December 2013

„Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?

by Lukas Brück


According to a recent study by the German institute for economic research (DIW), people in Germany haven’t been more contented in the last 30 years as now. It seems as if there is no awareness about the crisis in Europe and the European Union within the German electorate. Proof for this can be found in the turnout of the latest general election in September, in which the political party with the vaguest content in its electoral campaign, and the promise that everything stays the way it is, gained the most votes.

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03. December 2013

How attractive is it to be a politician?

by Doris ManuMarta Remacha Recio, Adnan Rahimić

doris-manumarta-remacha-recio-modifiedImagine twelve people standing on a line. All of them have been asked “how attractive is it to be a politician in your country” and they are answering by their placement on the line: right side means completely attractive, left side means absolutely unappealing. Can you guess where FutureLabbers were placed?

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27.  November 2013

“Eastern Partnership Ltd.”

by Ulyana Vynyarchuck

ulyana-vynyarchuck-modifiedPartially, inspired by my current study programme in economics, I find the word ‘limit’ of special interest for the case of the Eastern Partnership model. It has been many times that we would have had to explore the limits – both positive and negative – of a function in class and it  now might be a worthy challenge to apply these methods to the highly sensitive field of EU foreign politics towards its Eastern neighbours.

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24. November 2013

Brown stain on the map of Slovakia

by Lukáš Fúčela

Lukas FucelaWhen I logged into Facebook this morning it resembled a situation after a major sport success of a national team. The whole “wall” was full of comments and articles on a single topic – a brown stain in the political map of Slovakia after the regional elections. Everybody was presenting his or her opinion on the unfortunate victory of Marian Kotleba, the head of a Nazi-like party, who was elected in one of the regions and will be at its head for the next four years.Brown stainHis victory has only one positive side – that I can tidy up my Facebook friends list and delete anybody who supports this individual.

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