20. November 2013

Between cultures and religions, past and future

by Daniel Gjokjeski

daniel-gjokjeski2Whoever thought that is a broad topic to cover in a blog, he`s right! However, sometimes things can be so intense on different levels that it is good to remind ourselves on some fundamental concepts and current tracks before making any judgments. Yes, the Balkans are again on the spotlight, and youth is the energy I found to be most powerful, but this time through the lens of multiculturalism.

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04. November 2013

Nationalism in Russia – not for Marginals only

by Ivan Lavrentjev

ivan-lavrentjev-modifiedIt is mid-October. In a European megapolis thousands of people gather in the night in order to encourage the police to find a guy (a non-native, according to his appearance), who murdered a 25-year-old resident. This crowd becomes aggressive and the angry individuals are soon breaking shop windows. A scuffle between the police and demonstrators ends up with 380 people being arrested.

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29. October 2013

Peacing Europe Together – One Piece at a Time

by Lotta Schneidemesser

lotta-schneidemesser-modified14 young people from 9 different countries. 21 days in September. A small village 1300 meters high in the mountains in the South of France. Working together as volunteers in the National Park, living together in a small mountain hut, eating together, spending free time together.

This is what my September looked like this year. Why am I writing about it? What has it got to do with Europe? After all, many of us have participated in summer academies, seminars and workshops, together with other young people from all over Europe; many of us have worked as volunteers, or spent some time in another country. So there is nothing special about spending three weeks in France, together with other young people from different European countries, you could argue.

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24. October 2013

Fly, my pretties, fly! Destination: Brazil!

by Adnan Rahimic

1-adnan-rahimicFor a long time, no night was that festive, loud and crazy in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as the important Tuesday, 15 October 2013, when the „Dragons“ (nickname for national football representation) got their ticket to the World Cup in Brazil next year and participated in this nation’s history making project. After many years of being that close, but yet stopped at the doors, finally Bosnian team kept its game strong and proud and provided us with a joy of having the most important of the „not so important“ things in the world – football games to be followed and cheered next year. Why is this match, this football game so important for the country? And why do I need to write it on the FLE blog, when many articles, news stations, daily web news repeated the contents continually throughout of these days? Because, these qualifications for the World Cup, are much more than a game, at least for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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23. October 2013

Croatia in the EU: The Flatline?

by Milan Balaban

milan-balaban2Finally, the Balkans is re-joining Europe. Recently, Croatia has officially become a part of EU. It is an interesting time for the Balkans. Many changes are about to ensue. What does that all mean for us? There are two main viewpoints from which I would like to take a look. Firstly, there is the macro aspect and all those intriguing daily activities when it comes to trading and politics. Secondly, the micro aspect, or rather a point of view of an individual like me.

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