02. July 2013

Immigration program to the world of the digital natives

by Stephan Kool

stephan-kool-modifiedReactions and condemnations on PRISM and affiliate internet surveillance systems from the representatives from EU nations come up slowly. Too slow. Evil voices in commenting sections of newspapers suggest that politicians already knew about it. The truth however might be the opposite: We need an immigration program to the world of the digital natives.

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26. June 2013

Europe? Come on, take your time!

by Thomas Baumgartner

23-thomas-baumgartnerLast month four FutureLabbers – together with around 50 students from Universities in and around Berlin – were invited to participate in a discussion with German Federal President Joachim Gauck at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin. Titled “Europa – Mehr Mut bei allen” (roughly translated “Europe – More courage from everyone) the discussion was part of the “Bellevue Forum” series, which was kick-started by Gauck’s famous speech on Europe in February 2013 (for those who haven’t read the speech yet, do it now: http://www.bundespraesident.de/SharedDocs/Reden/EN/JoachimGauck/Reden/2013/130222-Europe.html). Since then Gauck initiated several talks on European issues within the frame of “Bellevue Forum”, trying to develop new and fresh ideas that could move Europe forward.

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20. June 2013

Europe’s Unreported Hidden


janosch-delcker2At the core of European society, there is an alarming, yet unreported rise of poverty and precarious living conditions. Documentary film maker and FutureLab Europe member Janosch Delcker has recently finished a film about the topic. In this blog post, he gives an insight into the why and how.

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13. June 2013

A European Demos – Believe it or Not?

by James Kilcourse

james-kilcourse-2012-2015-modifiedAn ‘ever closer union among the peoples of Europe’ is one of the stated aims of the founding treaty of the European Union. It implies the eventual coming together of the peoples of Europe into a single political entity, or demos. For some Member States and European citizens this is an article of faith underlying the European integration project. Others, however, remain sceptical not only about the desirability of this goal, but also – and more crucially – about its very feasibility.

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10. June 2013

To move or not to move – is that the question? Reflections on the debate ‘The future is us! Young Europeans discuss with Wolfgang Schäuble’

by Estefanía Almenta

estefania-almenta-lopez-modifiedI was born in Spain in a family of very humble means. My parents never had the opportunity to study, but I did thanks to the effort of my country, which paid for my education. Now I’m highly qualified and ready to give back to society the fruits of all the investment they did on me over these years. Sadly I cannot do it because I cannot find a job.

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