08. April 2013

Ubiquitous Assimilation of Global Youth

by Daniel Gjokjeski

daniel-gjokjeski2Younger generations tend to settle for a highly streamlined social and economic world that does not ask for big decisions or unconventional thinking. This might sound harsh, but bare with me here! Although I say this now, the final conclusion might be quite different. Let`s explore the correlation of today`s youth content with current situation and future challenges. And see what will happen.

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24. March 2013

Swallow the frog and move on

by Jovana Mihajlovic

jovana-mihajlovic-modifiedWhile Serbia struggles desperately to achieve the date for starting the EU accession talks, one Member of the European Parliament suggested that discussion on this topic should be postponed. At the session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the MEP of the UK Independence Party had some objections to the agenda: instead on April 2013, he suggested that discussion about Serbia and Kosovo accession should be rescheduled for April 3000! Is this just a typical English sense of humor or an interesting way to illustrate how feasible the accession actually is for those two candidates?

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12. March 2013

Islam on the EU soil

by Lidija Pejcinovic

lidija-pejcinovicWhat could be said about any religion that proclaims: „To those who act good, the good will be returned, and they would have even more than that.” This statement speaks for itself. How could be described the religion which has the quoted statement as one of the basic postulates? I wonder if this quotation sounds familiar to the European readers. While you, dear readers, think that this is probably some Christian script, or even Bible quotation, here I would just like to remind on the fact that good, peace, love, kindness – are all postulates on which the religions are usually based, and Islam is not an exception. The quoted part was taken from Ku’ran 10/26.

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08. March 2013

Mr. Schulz, I highly disagree!

by Irma Zulic

8-irma-zulicOh, how I wish I was at the Körber Debate: “Should Germany relinquish more sovereignty to the EU?“ held in Hamburg, on the 4th of March, 2013.1

But here is an insight in what I would comment during the Q&A session and although it’s maybe “timely” belated, in my opinion, it’s a reading worth the attention.

Mr. Schulz, please allow me to first briefly introduce myself. I am a master’s student of European Integration at the EuropaInstitut in Basel and a student of master studies of EU Law at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo. I am not bragging but just want to underline that I am well acquainted with the current Institutional Architecture of the EU as well as the procedures and judicial topics.

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05. March 2013

Water, a multi-billion-euro business

by Lukas Brück

EPCHave you heard about the directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the award of concession contracts?  No? No problem, none of my friends and fellow students here in Aberystwyth, Wales heard about it either.

Privatization of formerly state owned companies did already happen in the UK; whether public transport, energy or water supply and disposal (such as in London in 1999). Many French cities ‘alienated’ or sold operator rights of their water supply to private investors, while ostensibly reducing public budget deficit by obscure contracts.

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