11. December 2012

Europe is no creation. It is a rediscovery.

byIrma Zulic

8-irma-zulicThe title you just read are, of course, sentences stated in 1972, by the first president of the Commission of the EEC, Mr. Hallstein. When I read it, together with the rest of his speech, I raised my head and saw that on the TV, the news was talking about the final ceremony of awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU. I say final, ‘cause from the time it was announced until today, I read so many articles on this topic that it seemed like the announcement was made around this time, last year.

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08. December 2012

Petar Pan`s Shadow

by Daniel Gjokjeski

daniel-gjokjeski2In the frame of the Future Lab Europe programme 2012 there was a unique activity: shadowing a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for a day. I have never had an opportunity to follow a MEP for 10 hours and get an idea how their agenda looks, what kind of tempo it has, and the type of activities that are included.

When I arrived at the European Parliament, I did not know what to expect. I met MEP`s assistant at 8 o’clock in the morning and she told me that there is a busy day ahead of us. And, truly it was! Before actually meeting my MEP, I followed two meetings – one on the topic of the UK perspective on protection of private data and the second was an economic affairs meeting. I was surprised how detailed and devoted were the participants in their questions, and it was interesting the see how arguments are presented and debates are held. For example, on the second meeting one representative wanted to comment on the nontransparent work of the European Central Bank by saying that the ECB is like Vatican, its president is like the Pope and everything is decided behind closed doors. How creative is that!

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05. December 2012

Youth Employment Package – after four years of crisis

by Juliane Sarnes

juliane-sarnes-2012-2013-modifiedOn Wednesday, 5 December 2012, after four years of crisis and numerous reports on their nightmarish impact on Europe’s young people, the European Commission is going to present a set of measures to drive down youth unemployment.

While the crisis has not exactly been a picnic for anyone, young people are among the hardest hit. A whole generation of young Europeans is struggling to find access to the labour market. Member States have seen skyrocketing unemployment rates, with youth unemployment on average twice as high as among the total working age population. In Greece and Spain more than half of the people aged between 16 and 24 are unemployed. But this is not a problem of the peripheral countries. 15 EU countries have youth unemployment rates above 22 per cent.

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23. November 2012

Europe in post-Western world?

by Daniele Mallamaci

daniele-mallamaci-modifiedOne of the major global challenges that Europe has to face is the rising of new, non-Western powers. In the more and more rapidly evolving and chaotic context of the international relations, taking action as Europe and Europeans is possible only if there is a shared and convinced agreement on what interest should be defended and what objective have to be reached. Successively, on the base of the decided interests and objectives, it will be possible to define a strategy and realize it, essentially combining both the Members and EU foreign policies.

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22. November 2012

Europe@debate in Hamburg

by Ksenia Srednyak

ksenia-srednyak-2012-2015-modifiedEurope@debate in Hamburg

November, 8th, 6:50 p.m. The conference hall of the Koerber foundation in Hamburg is filling with visitors. Аmong them I see people of different ages, recognize German, English, Polish languages… On the screen there is a topic of today’s debate – “A tardy justice or juridical fight? – The sentence of the ECHR on the Katyn massacre in 1940”. My colleagues Slawomir Parus and Annemarie Kahl are sitting next to me. We all are going to take part in the discussion on the stage; we all seem a bit nervous to be there very soon…

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